To Cultivate and Access
The Full Spectrum Potential
The Most powerful
Brainwave Entrainment on the Planet
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Major Brainstates

With Binaural Entrainment In The Frequencies
Epsilon, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, & Lambda

Why We Made Radiant Mind

After using this technology daily for many years, and testing virtually every binaural audio technology available, we decided to reach out to one of the most cutting-edge leaders in the brain entertainment space, iAwake technologies, to collaborate on designing the ultimate binaural collection.

Whether it’s the heightened focus of beta, the increased problem-solving and integrative thinking of gamma, ultra lucid unity consciousness of lambda, the calming relaxing anxiety relieving state of alpha, or the dreamy creative state or theta for deep learning and the full reset and deep dive Delta.

Whether it’s the heightened focus of beta, the increased problem-solving and integrative thinking of gamma, ultra lucid unity consciousness of lambda, the calming relaxing anxiety relieving state of alpha, or the dreamy creative state or theta for deep learning and the full reset and deep dive Delta.

We call it Radiant Mind.

How Can Music Cause Such A Profound Shift?


The Radiant Mind Entrainment System is a full spectrum brainwave entrainment library that gives you complete access to the seven most powerful brainwave frequencies and their distinct potentials and capacities anytime you want.

With this powerful binaural suite, you can tap into the remarkable benefits of each one of these unique brainwave states at will.

And more importantly, when you use these tools consistently you can entrain these powerful brain states to become ingrained into your neurophysiology so that you can call upon them at any moment in your daily life.


Powerful Beat Stimulation Backed By Years of Research

Over the past few decades, with the significant advances in digital technology, there has been an explosion of new research, demonstrating the innumerable benefits of auditory brainwave entrainment.

As these researchers have proven, when this technology is used correctly, it gives us access to a wide array of benefits including, deeper sleeper, improved problem solving, reduced anxiety, better skill retention, enhanced creativity and so much more…

Most importantly, it gives each of us the power to influence and cultivate our desired mental states at will, unlocking powerful abilities and experiences that were once considered out of reach.


Your brain is producing electromagnetic neural oscillations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Each of the different brain states can be very powerful for different reasons.  To access the full spectrum of our potential


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The complete radiant mind full spectrum brainwave entrainment collection includes 19 carefully selected albums that give you access to the full range of brainwave states.  You can use these tracks to actively entrainment the most support brain states to fulfill your daily obligations as well as your most aspirational dreams.


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See What Thought Leaders Are Saying...

"iAwake Technologies has continued their pioneering research into brain/mind sound technology... I've been a fan of their products from the beginning, and I can say that they just keep getting better. So if you've never tried binaural beat technology - and especially if you have! - by all means, check out their latest."
Ken Wilber
Author of Integral Vision, Integral Spirituality, and Integral Psychology




100% Money-Back Guarantee

Own your day! Try Radiant Mind for 30 days and see how you feel! If you don’t absolutely love it, for any reason, we’ll refund your money.

See What Customers Are Saying...

"I have been using your technologies daily and they have been such an incredible and pivotal staple in my practice. Since I have been using these entrainments I have hit more quantum leaps in development than I had ever thought possible. I have witnessed miracles and miraculous healings and facilitated spontaneous awakenings in my friends and family as a result of using this technology.

I can't thank you enough for unleashing this beautiful and powerful method for tapping into divinity and the ever present infinite awareness of embodied feeling in the present moment. My life and reality has been deeply and profoundly upcycled into higher vibrational alignments, and as a result those higher vibrations of truth have begun to ripple and upcycle the realities of all beings in all my relations. Thank you!With absolute gratitude, respect, love, light, and many blessings,"
David B
"After 3 weeks of experimentation with iAwake tracks I am enjoying some significant benefits. Firstly the quality of my sleep is noticeably improved. Also I have experienced spontaneously popping into a meditative state when my attention is not particularly focused. Both of these benefits were unexpected and occurred organically as far as I can tell."
John B
"My experience so far with the programme and your company iAwake has been really exceptional. I hadn't really expected the programme to be this good, or the software and company to be this professional and this smart. It's very unusual. I'm a longterm Buddhist meditator and I'd had previous experience with brain entrainment programmes over the past 20 years, and had even made some of my own years ago. But your programme is clearly on an entirely new level to what I've had before. LG"
Leigh G
"I found this program from an email from Ken Wilber endorsing this company... I was searching for greater leverage and for anything modern that deconstructs and reconstructs meditation and contemplative work. I love how this program is strong on its own but is also a powerful supplement for our already established practices. Unlike the other crap out there that makes this technology a stimulus for a passive recipient, iawake is made for the seeker. So I'm thankful that these tracks can awaken me from my resistance to engaging in adult life and showing up to be productive in life."
David B
"I love all of your tracks! I use them to meditate with every day.... I found that my emotional intelligence has developed and that I'm much more centered and often in a flow state. I've also noticed that I don't get depressed as much anymore and if I do it only lasts a week or two and I can still function when it arises. Thank you very much for creating these tracks, they have had a huge impact on my life. A deep bow and much love, "
Jimmy B
"I just celebrated my 2-year anniversary as an iAwake user and in the last few months started using the tracks during my sleep time. I came upon iAwake in my quest to heal from childhood trauma and what a God-send it has been. In my professional life, I am an attorney and manage my own law firm and just started a small technology company. I use tracks at my office to help with intense focus and concentration when needed and with anxiety when preparing for public speaking and generally to balance the energy in my workplace. Again, thank you for bringing this to the world, it is desperately needed. With much heartfelt gratitude."
Lorrie L
"I've been suffering from depression and stress for a long time and using these tracks really helped me. It made me calmer, more relaxed and seeing the things from another angle and perspective. It does not mean that my depression is gone, but it is more to the background if you know what I mean. Using iAwake Technologies keeps me in balance, healthy and relaxed. I can say that this technology saved my life, I can not live a day without it and I am so happy to come across this technology while surfing the Internet and searching for meditations."
Desiree B
"I love your work. I use iAwake every day myself and I am constantly recommending them to my patients. Every day I see iAwake help my patients, family and friends on so many levels, and better yet I get to watch them grow and heal as they listen and meditate at home. Amazing. Thank you!"
Spencer A
"I am a student, practitioner, and teacher of meditation and internal martial arts, (as well as other forms of meditative movement, dance, object manipulation/juggling) and your tracks have given me an expanded tool-set with which I can better engage my practice, which in turn helps me engage the world with more mindfulness and meaning. Thank you."
Matt O
"I notice something stays with me when I use iawake, I feel more vibrant, level headed. calm, patient, and able to respond in a better manner and not just act on impulse. it's really powerful stuff you guys have here. I'm glad to be using it! "
Brian P
"I just thought I'd add that I took a look at a few iAwake tracks using a spectrum analyser, because I was curious about how the dual pulse / triple pulse binaural layering actually works. These tracks are so dense with frequencies that harmonically, monaurally and binaurally interact that it's frankly insane. There are sets of ten, or even twenty tones that work together... and that doesn't even take into account all the other entrainment methods used in the tracks. The iAwake stuff is leagues above anything I've ever come across, and it's evident that a huge amount of thought, creativity and innovation goes into each and every session."
Joe K
This is just to say a big THANK YOU, guys! I have been meditating and doing other spiritual practices in some form or other for many years, but have actually never heard of brainwave entrainment until I found your products by what is commonly called an “accident” (not!). My main problem was, however, that for the past 6 months or so I have had growing anxiety issues, that have surfaced for various reasons but became difficult to deal with, and I was actually beginning to consider seeking medical help. Since buying your products basically a few days ago… The effect is nothing short of miraculous. Not only did your products help me regain focus in my practices, but the feeling of calm and surrender that lasts throughout the day is … wow, worth everything. I find it hard to believe that this is working 🙂 But it DEFINITELY is. I found Euphoria especially helpful for anxiety. In deepest gratitude.
Inga K
I have been very pleased with the tracks that I have purchased from Iawake Technologies. I use them daily either to relax or to meditate. Sometimes when I am working. Mediation has always been a tough cookie for me. This technology has however opened its secrets to me. I absolutely love these tracks.
Pirjo K



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