The 28-Day Meditation Challenge

Global Synchronized Meditation

with Radiant Mind Brain Entrainment Technology

March 1st - March 28th, 2021

Next Global Meditation Challenge Starts:
Monday, March 1st, 2021
at 8 AM Pacific
11 AM Eastern
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What Participants Are Saying...

Thank you so much for doing this. Although I can’t speak for everyone, I'm pretty sure that these worldwide meditations are really helping many of us through this surreal time we all are finding ourselves in. Thanks again and again!
Thank you and YAY! Very grateful for your offering and looking forward to the entrainment audio. Love, peace, health, and blessings to you and your staff.
It’s very peaceful and nourishing. I look forward to more meditations this last week of this challenge. With gratitude and love,
I heartily endorse your depths of peace focus. Thanks for your good heart.
The daily reminders right at the top of my inbox are useful!! Huge thanks for this beautiful thing.
I will be there! I have been doing all of the meditations daily. I really appreciate your efforts!
Lorrie L
Thanks so much for offering this meditation challenge. Whenever I can, I tune into the meditation and there have been in fact only a few days when I didn`t. I actually enjoyed the sessions with the 'Healing Light' sessions also a lot. Although I turn it on whenever I work or play using my laptop anyway. I keep going and I am deeply grateful!
Thank you. Peace is what we need now on our planet, but we have to start from where we are, both inwardly and in the worldly world. So I will be there, later this afternoon for me. From both spaces.
Thanks for your great work! I so much enjoy participating in the meditations and I am so excited to be part of this community!
Have been every nite. Love the music and the entrainment. Thanks for doing this. I believe.
I have been loving this daily meditation.
Inga K
I meditate every morning without fail before doing anything. Thank you.
Next Global Meditation Challenge Starts:
Monday, March 1st, 2021
at 8 AM Pacific
Enroll Now to Receive Free Access

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